Song Of The Day (No Trolling, Just Music)

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As I think 'do I really need to grind that skill up another 10 levels?'  I am reminded of this tune...  =D


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Remember the time when we could ride any champion critter?

Remember the time when we didn't die from falling?

Remember the time we all look like we all got that dollar day sale on green robes?

Remember when we didn't walk, just glided like the supernatural being we really are?

Remember the time we fell in love with Wurm? (we were young and innocent then)

Remember those special times, they just go on and on in the back of my mind........

Do you remember? 


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Don't You Tell Me Not To Play Guitar- featuring Steve Morse and Joe Satriani



The Epic Guitar Solo Challenge has been created as a prostate cancer and male health awareness and fund raising campaign.


Created by Aussie Hack Wanger from Guitar Gods and Masterpieces public tv show for guitar players and guitars fans. Feel free to share this on social media and even consider purchasing the song or donating a dollar or buying a t shirt. All profits go to The EJ Whitten Foundation. Remember – Don’t you let anyone – Tell You Not To Play Guitar. Please go and like THE EPIC GUITAR SOLO CHALLENGE – facebook page and Guitar Gods and Masterpieces You tube channel guitargodstv – as this is Phase 1 release – with more releases coming.



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