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Saragossa Farms Horses For Sale-Deliverence

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Updated info-06/15/2012

I have recently concluded my free horse give away experiment and learned alot about what is possible and what is not possible for me to offer to potential customers.

Here is the first of many offerings for sale of my horses. I can deliver to Deliverence anywhere along the coastline, however inland can not be delivered to except at GreenDog, Deliverence Market, or the Nightmare Lake region up to Sloppy Hollow. However, if you are willing to give me blow by blow directions via pm, I would be willing to coordinate a delivery with you. My map coordinates are- 25y 30x Let's talk.

My goal as a breeder is to be able to soon offer consistantly high quality 5 speeds, and 5hunting/speed animals. The hunting traits are the same as war traits, but since we don't have war on Deliverence I call them hunting traits.

Please check back often as I will update my for sale offerings every few weeks.

Go to this link to see my horses for sale. Happy Shopping.

Evaness/Horse Trader

06/15/2012-Met Menakoy today from the north end of the island and with his help found a great travel route from Port Saragossa from where we hail to a great place along the Echo Lake where he met me to pick them up..Everything went incredibly smoothly due to all the gaurd towers along the road. A lot of heavy duty spawn over there, but only got a few bruises and no lost horses.

Thanks for the mention below Menakoy. It was wonderful doing business with you.

As of now, I have updated my google doc, link above. I have added many more horses, both foal and adolescent along with a few mature, old and aged. I have set my pricing structure a step or two down from what it was so you will get more bang for your buck...

Here's to looking forward to meeting all you new breeders out there.

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PS. I have reset link above with full viewing permissions for everyone, so please try it again and let me know if you see any horses you would like. Just to let you know that most all the for sale horses on my farm atm are foals or near foals, however there are still a couple 1&2 good trait mares still available that are good for newbie cart pulling and starting your AH career.

Remember if you are just starting out your AH career, Please ask me. I may have some horses available to donate to you for free.

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