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Amish Paradise

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Are an adult player, who may or may not have experience with Wurm.

Expect to help out with a few chores and get along with our other friends.

Respect that while you are not a slave or visitor you ARE on somone else's deed.

Have manners, like "please" and "thank-you"

Realize that what you give is what you get back. (Usually a lot more)

A willingness to learn/listen if you are new.

We offer:

Our help with tools, weapons, armours.

A part of our home, including a house and a bit of land to call your own.

A deed located very close to nearly all resources and a central location.

Adults who like to joke without worry for language.

Hopefully our Trust/Friendship

After an amazing time on Deliverance server (Half of which I miss horribly!), we decided to see if a change could respark our Wurm interest. We are only looking for 2 people at this time.

You can send either kajmir or Rudie a forum pm or find us ingame.

It's not what you can do for us...or we do for's about what we can do together? wow that sounds disgustingly corny I should totally delete that...

It's not what you can do for us or we can do for's about friendship? Naw still horrible cheesy...

Oh JUST PM's about something! I think..

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