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Papyrus Fututre Uses

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As for now Papyrus is rather a cute addon without any serious use (in terms of wurm economy)

So there are my ideas how to use it

I noticed that villages give bonuses to their citizens.

Why cant we build libraries ?

Idea of Wurm Library

= Construction : 3 columns and 30 colosus bricks per wall 20 slabs.

= Usage gathering scrolls of knowledge.

= Bonus is given only for the first scroll of any class/.

Example : Lest say a digger with a skill 20 writes a scroll. This scroll has its own class (0-20 skill) and it gives some visible boost to digging skill gain for citizen of a village with library. For more immerse gameplay there should be scrolls for skill levels at 10 interval. 0-20 (first class) 20-30 (second class) 30-40 (third class) and so on.

Player should be able to choose the class he wants to write. So it should be possible for Master Excavator to write first class scroll. Of course you have to achive apropriate level to write specyfic scroll class.

Second idea :

Priest scrolls one time buff for any player. Works as priest spell on prest level.

I think it would boost usage of papyrus dont You agree ?

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