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Wts Coastal Deed 30X 4Y -Closed-

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WTS Coastal Deed 30x 4y on Deliverance

  • Size: 23 x 31 tiles

  • Prime location, right next to the Indy crossing.

  • Private Iron and Zinc Vein entrance next to the deed and public Silver nearby.

  • Nearby clay.

  • Large forest close by.

  • Land docks terraformed for all boat sizes.

  • Very large boathouse right at water level to drag your boat from the house into the water. Comes with 2 forges and an oven w/ decent ql.

  • Finished Guard Tower next to the deed.

  • Great for builders and farmers, not very developed with lots of flat land. Shallow water for reeds

  • Multiple love tiles on deed

  • Friendly Neighbours.

  • 2+ months of upkeep

  • Asking 15s

Respond to the forum, PM me on forums or /tell Griphyth in game

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