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Hideout Services (70Ql Bs,80Ql+ Lw,js,ct,ropes,enchants)

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We have a Merchant set up on the Celebration Server at the North West corner 12x,6y


Ql 50 - 20c

Ql 60 - 30c

Ql 70 - 45c

Large Anvil QL 50 35c, QL 60 45c, QL 70 70c

Jewelsmithing (Silver only)

Statuettes: 50ql 60c

Candelabras:50ql 75c


Complete Studded Sets

50QL: 80c

60QL: 1.25s

70QL: 3s

80QL: 5s


60QL: 80c

70QL: 1s

80QL: 2s

90QL: 3s

Cloth Tailoring

50ql Meditation Rug = 50c

50ql Fine Meditation Rug = 80c

Satchels = 5c per satchel

Sheets- 1 sheet = 10c , 2 sheets = 20c

Triangular Sail = 50c

Square sail = 1s

Small Square Sail = 30c

Kingdom Flag - 25c

Kingdom Banner - 25c


Cordage Rope - 10c

Mooring Rope - 5c

Rope - 1c

Thick Rope - 20c


Strongwall: 1s per wall

Mole Senses: 75c per cast


1-69 1c Per enchant power

70-79 1c Per enchant power, +10c

In Stock Enchanted Tools-

Leather knife 70ql 45 CoC 80c

Awl 70ql 70c

File 70ql 53 CoC 90c

" " 44 CoC 80c

" " 46 CoC 80c

" " 37 CoC 70c

Saw 70ql 51 CoC 90c

" " 50 WoA 90c

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Please CoD these to me, name Heroic

1 hammer 61 CoC 70+ql 1s each

Saw 52 CoC 70+ql 90c

PM me if server back in the case of any questions :-)

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It will be the first thing I do when I sign in(whenever the server comes backup).


                                        Thank you Sir/Ma'am,



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