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WTS Auction- 31 x 27 Deed

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Current Bid: 15s

By Steiyn

45 Days of upkeep from date of post!

Glendale, on the southern base of Mount Tundra. Only 1 more area requires to be flattened, and that's currently being done. The farm will be majority if not all flat (except for the beginning 8 slope tiles) and some walls will be put in place. I'm trying to get back what I put into it, 15s or higher. It turns out I won't be able to maintain the deed for much longer than the upkeep states, due to personal reasons.

This is a perfect deed for those who wish to have some sort of start not completely from scratch, and the lack of buildings means you can turn it into nearly anything that contours to the landscaping.

Top overview (Only building, 2x5)

Token road (Flat)

Farm (Not yet flat)

What I had planned for the deed

I expect the deed to be flat and ready by this upcoming weekend, the 3rd or 4th of March

Bids will be accepted beforehand, private or publicly.

Starting bid: 15s

Buyout bid: 30s

The sooner you buy, the more upkeep you start with!

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Here are some newer screenshots of the deed:

All writs and keys are included, of course, and all the BSB's are there to stay.  It's going as is, nothing will be added, removed, or moved.  The BSB's will be emptied.  The main house that is already made contains a oven, a forge, two large chests, and a well.  The deed has a total of 11 BSB's on it, and the building that were intended for storage sheds were never made.  The cave contains a forge, a BSB, atleast 3 iron veins that are accessable, and a functional well.  The building that in currently incomplete is planned out but with only 1 brick on each, the writ for that will be given and the owner has the option of either completing it or destroying it. 

The person who placed the bid of 15s has not been heard of ever since he placed his bid, so we are currently voiding it until further notice, meaning that the bid is open at the starting bid of 15s.  All bids meeting criteria will be accounted for.

PM Deez or AndreC on Exodus with any questions or offers.

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Do you want to stay in the deed?

I saw you said you are selling it just because of upkeep?

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Being sold later today- Closed

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