Detailed Map Of The Serendipity Bay Area

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Here is the latest version of my detailed low-scale map of the Serendipity Peninsula in the southeast of Deliverance, based on the official map dumps provided by Code Club AB:


<< Sorry, this map is currently under maintenance. Back soon. >>



Feel free to check the map for errors and improvement - comments are welcome.







10-Dec-2011: New road between Anagrom Ataf and CMC Stables; Fool's Paradise disbanded

11-Dec-2011: New settlements: Lakeridge, Phoenix; Fort Dracon disbanded

06-Jan-2012: Forgotten Bay disbanded

24-Jan-2012: Alexandria, Silver Hill Monastery disbanded

06-Feb-2012: Local road network updated

18-Feb-2012: Road network amended; Millennium added; Kastuul disbanded

03-Mar-2012: New settlements: Fort Allery, Mykonos, Silverhold; Disbanded: Serendipity Heights, Millenium, Lakeridge; roads updated

20-Mar-2012: New settlement: Lakeside Settlement; Disbanded: CMC Stables; Roads updated

25-Mar-2012: New roads

02-Apr-2012: New settlement: Port Naltatis; Roads updated

18-Apr-2012: New settlements: Fort Allery Harbour, Fort Allery Outskirts, Sandycove; Settlement disbanded: Rogue Nation;

. . Settlement renamed: Eczema Valley --> Cedar Grove; Roads updated; Guard towers included

10-Jun-2012: New settlement: Sunnyvale; Roads and guard towers updated

29-Jun-2012: New settlements: Mariposa Heights, The Garden Of El, Valar Morghulis

21-Jul-2012: New settlement: Port Anagrom; Roads and deed sizes updated

04-Aug-2012: Major update, map extended to cover the northern part of the peninsula, new roads, new settlements, color code for alliance members, etc.

12-Sep-2012: New settlements: Haven, Trefelin; Disbanded: Mariposa Heights; Roads updated

14-Oct-2012: Disbanded: Ziggyville On The Hill; Roads and alliance members updated

20-Oct-2012: Disbanded: Oak Ridge, Port Naltatis, The Garden Of El

27-Nov-2012: Disbanded: Sunnyvale, Sandycove

28-Dec-2012: New settlements: Dracon Tower, Dragon Castle, Magincia

17-Jan-2013: New settlements: Sandy Hollow, Iron Acorn; Crystal Marsh Cove renamed to Dust Of Dreams; Roads updated

04-Mar-2013: New settlement sizes; Alliance area updated; Disbanded: Trefelin

30-Mar-2013: New Settlement: Point Of Drunken Sailors; Disbanded: Dragon Castle; Roads and alliance area updated

31-May-2013: New settlements: Caer Luel, Global Ridge Farms; Disbanded: Serendipity Bluff

29-Jul-2013: New settlements: Global Ridge Dock, Port Lionhead, The Garden Of El; Disbanded: Northwind Valley; New roads and a transit pier

25-Aug-2013: New settlements: Serendipity Heights, Sandusky Bay; Moved: Fort Allery Outskirts; Deed Sizes updated

14-Oct-2013: Disbanded: Sandusky Bay, The Garden Of El; New roads

06-Dec-2013: New settlement: Ordo; Sandy Hollow renamed to Dunegard; New roads

10-Jun-2014: New settlements: Dragontooth, Cadal; Disbanded: Global Ridge Farms, Port Lionhead, Lionhead Retreat, Point of Drunken Sailors; Fort Allery and Fort Allery Outskirts merged; Dunegard Beach added; New roads

08-Jul-2014: New settlements: St. George's Bay, Wedgewater Inn; Disbanded: Dust of Dreams

27-Jul-2014: New settlements: Kokee, Southdale, Isle Of Sorrows; Disbanded: Cedar Grove; New roads; New guard towers

18-Sep.2014: New settlements: Serendipity Gardens, Sandy Cracks; Disbanded: Ordo; New roads

16-Feb-2015: New settlements: Serendipity Beach, Lintukoto, Port of Nachotips; Disbanded: Dragontooth, Anagrom Ataf, Port Anagrom, Sandy Cracks; New roads; New guard towers

06-Mar-2015: New settlements: Nacho Isle; Disbanded: Valar Morghulis, Cadal

23-Apr-2015: Map updated according to latest map dump; New map design and layout; Disbanded: Phoenix

30-Apr-2015: New settlements: Swampland Heritage, WhyKickaMooCow; Disbanded: Global Ridge Dock; Added boat tunnel near Port of Nachotips and public tunnel passage to Dragontooth area

06-May-2015: New Settlements: Lintukoto (moved to Dragontooth plateau), Perdition Harbour; Removed: WhyKickaMooCow (accidentally misplaced); roads updated

20-May-2015: New Settlements: Dragon's Peak, Serpent's Retreat; Disbanded: Gardens of the Moon

04-Jun-2015: New Settlements: Kalami, Hollowborough; Disbanded: Dragon's Peak, Serpent's Retreat; New bridge; New roads

21-Jun-2015: New Settlement: Blackreach Bay; Disbanded: Serendipity Beach; Updated beach area; Fixed bridge location

27-Jul-2015: New Settlement: Silence In The Hills; Road network updated

30-Aug-2015: New Settlements: Woodcote, Regkars Legacy; Roads and coastlines updated; New guard towers

03-Dec-2015: New Settlements: Beachcastle Cove, Hiidenlinna, Cedar Grove; Disbanded: Woodcote, Swampland Heritage, Port of Nachotips, Regkars Legacy

09-Jan-2016: New Settlement: Pearlnorth; Roads updated

31-Jan-2016: New Settlement: Evregreen; Disbanded: Hiidenlinna, Iron Acorn, Hollowborough

27-Apr-2016: New Settlement: Safe Passage; Disbanded: Pearlnorth; Name update: Schadenfreude Shores; Alliance update: Kalami

19-May-2016: New Settlements: Sunnyvale Park, Sunnyvale Hills, Pillars of Orion, Anubis Gates, Kalami Fields; Disbanded: Safe Passage; Eridanus Boat Tunnel

03-Dec-2016: Used latest 2D map dumps to rework this map and make it more precise. Updated roads and highways. Disbanded: Nacho Isles, Fort Allery Harbour, Magincia

27-May-2017: New Settlements: Crusader Bay; Disbanded: Kokee; Updated roads and coastlines; Re-added guard towers

29-Sep-2017: Disbanded: Evregreen, Perdition Harbour, Schadenfreude Shores; Updated highway; Updated tower network

14-Jan-2018: Disbanded: Crusader Bay, Sunnyvale Hills, Blackreach Bay

30-Jan-2018: New Settlement: Ad Pacem; guard tower positions updated

20-Apr-2018: New Settlement: Valdance; Disbanded: Sunnyvale Park; New roads; minor changes

05-Sep-2018: New Settlement: Little Trojeborg; Disbanded: Beachcastle Cove, St. George's Bay



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Excellant map!

I've disbanded Fool's Paradise and moved back to Indy.

Lot's of iron and some loose horses.

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Fort Dracon dropped about a week ago give or take, and where skingrad was is now a deed called Cmc hilltop

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Any chance of extending this slightly to pick up Audacia, perhaps to the little canal?  I would just like to be a part of such a cool map :)

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Any chance of extending this slightly to pick up Audacia, perhaps to the little canal?  I would just like to be a part of such a cool map :)

I'm afraid I am a bit busy at the moment and not playing a lot...  However, as soon as I find some more time I'll certainly do what i can. (Thanks for the kudos :) )

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Hi there,

Right click -> view image to see whole shots.


Nice pics, Dagon - thank you! Let me see if I recognize the places... No. 2 is Serendipity Heights, No. 3 is Serendipty Bay ... but No. 1 and No. 4 ??

Here are some additional pics, taken around Eyrie on the mountain plateau:





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Map updated.

(Happy new year to all of you) :)

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Such a great map, really appreciate how much work has been put in here, props to Yaga!

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Thanks for the kudos!

Currently there is a problem around the Silver Hill Monastery area. The road you see on the map connecting the deeds on the south end of the Serendipity Peninsula with the northern settlements used to run right through the monastery. For that reason the main gates were always open to everybody.

Now the gates are suddenly closed and the road access is blocked. Strangely, there seems to have been some activity inside the monastery, 'cause I can see a felled tree and some fresh logs. Also, I found a catapult close to the former deed (??). Seems somebody is active there, but I never meet anybody.

Does anybody have a clue what's going on there?

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:D Great job on updates Yaga, with you being so busy it is appreciated!

I do not and will not build any roads though my deed area, I have a lot of people on KOS for griefing and they will not be off any time soon. Also I love the privacy and control to who visits, the roads that are on the map allow access everywhere, my area is not needed.  :P If this changes I will post here.

April 2, 2012

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The South Serendipity Peninsula Community recently founded Port Naltatis. This new settlement is supposed to provide a home for new players looking for a place to stay. There will be friendly and professional help from experienced players, but besides advice, training and coaching, newbies will be encouraged to accomplish things on their own - helping them to learn how to become successful Wurmians. (So, no free high ql tools, people! ;))

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