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Discordia Apprenticeships

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The Settlement of Discordia is in the process of designing an apprenticeship system that will quickly set new players on a skilling fast toward the career of their preference. The potential pay for filling these positions would be 10c per week.

Discordia is an independent spirited settlement with a focus on building, crafting, and organizing. We have frequent hunting parties and a completely protected core for crafters and priests.

Those who consider themselves higher than apprentice level and are still interested are welcome and will be granted an appropriate position.

If you have a preference not listed, talk to us about it!

These are the positions available:


(weapons and armor supplied)

Archer Apprentice

Melee Apprentice

(not mutually exclusive)


(conversion and altars supplied)

Vynora Apprentice

Magranon Apprentice

Fo Apprentice


(tools supplied)

Smith Apprentice

Mason Apprentice

Carpenter Apprentice

Shipbuilder Apprentice

Local Masters of Discordia

Discordian: Smith, Warrior, Mason

Lenora: Farmer, Mason, Carpenter

Ravenlute: Carpenter, Shipbuilder

Hilikus: Discordian H Priest, Priest of Fo, Farmer

Uncrushable: Carpenter

Vastator: Miner, Priest of Magranon

Chaoticone: Cook, Priest of Vynora

Look for us, we're on the new map :)

Discordian Forums is located at

More details on Discordia's apprenticeship tracks

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Out of curiosity, where is Discordia located?


Nevermind, found it

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