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Wurm Online Fan Sites

General Warning: Please be careful of any fansite that you might suspect is a scam for collecting your data. Stick to fansites of people who are legitimate players.

We love fan sites, they are great for villages, for people wanting to write about their personal experiences or just those who want to post a ton of pretty pictures. The more fan sites the better, as far as we are concerned!

But obviously a Wurm fan site is only a Wurm fan site if it has some Wurm content in it! So here are a few guidelines about using Wurm Online images, sounds, and so on so you know what you should or should not do.


The first thing is to make clear that your site is a fan site and not an official Wurm Online site. The best thing to do is put a disclaimer on the front page somewhere obvious, or put it in the footer of your template if you use a template based site. Here is some suggested wording which you can steal if you like - just insert your own site name where shown.


Wurm Online is a game produced by Code Club AB. Wurm Online and Code Club AB do not endorse and are not responsible or liable for any content, products, services or information available on YOUR SITE NAME.

YOUR SITE NAME is not connected to Wurm Online nor is it the official website. Please visit the Wurm Online Official Site at


The name Wurm Online, the official Wurm Logo and other content are protected rights of Code Club AB and or its agents or its suppliers. You must give appropriate credit to the Game and the respected suppliers - if in doubt, ask!


If you have a mad money making scheme which involves any thing to do with Wurm Online or any of the content, you MUST ask us first. 

And you may not host or produce on your site or other site owned or controlled by you any exploit, cheat or any thing else that is against the game rules or may spoil the game for other players.


You can use pretty much anything you like from in game, but please do not corrupt or alter anything in anyway that would defame or injure the reputation or business of Code Club AB or its suppliers. In the case of third party content such as game music, you may need to seek permission from the copyright holders directly before using their content on your site. Again, if in doubt, ask!


You may use the current Wurm Online logo, however it should not be used as the prominent title of your website - you should have your own logo for that. As we change logo from time to time, please ensure that your fansite carries the current logo.


What you put on your site is, of course, up to you - it is your site. However, if you wish to use Wurm Online content your site must NOT contain anything illegal, libellous, defamatory, or obscene. That includes pornography, racist, sexist, ageist, or homophobic references, or anything that we would not allow you to use on the Wurm Forums – probably as good a guide as any.


If you compile and run a mailing list, any message sent must comply with these Guidelines and state that you and the message are not connected with the Official Site. Perhaps use a disclaimer similar to the one above.


The golden rule is ASK. We have not nailed this down as tightly as most other games producers as we want you to enjoy putting your fan site together. But for pretty obvious reasons we also do need to protect our rights and reputation and those of the companies involved with us, or there won't be a Wurm to be a fan of!

So make a great Wurm Fan Site, and let us know so we can list it on our website.

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Please note that I have updated the Fan Site policy a little.

I have clarified that where you use the Wurm logo it MUST be the current logo. If we change it at any stage, you should change your site in accordance with that.

(Note: If you are still using the old tree logo you should remove that as it has some copyright issues)

I have also said that where you use the Wurm Logo, it should not be the predominant logo on the site - your own logo and site name should be predominant, obviously!

One day we will get round to some sort of fansite kit - honest!


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