Auction for 12900 Stone Shards

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Hello Guys :)


As title says, 12900 stone shards, ready to fulfill your needs of bricks, slabs and anything requiring stone.
Crates are not included, so crate swap is required, unless you want to buy them (20c each, so it would be 8s for the whole lot - 43 large crates).
Delyvery is not included, unless the auction reaches at least 15s (only coastal).
We live about 60 tiles east of Harmony Bay, at Harmony Bay Market, so we could also meet there.


Starting bid: 1s.
Increments: 1s.
Buyout: none.
No reserve - no private bids.
Sniper protection: 10 min.




The screenshot is to give an idea of the average ql.



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