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Patch Notes 09-MAY-2023 and May’s Monthly Skin!

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May’s “Harrowing Halberd” skin has sharp pointy things on a stick… an all time classic! Available through the month of May in the Marks Shop at any settlement token, this skin can be applied to any Halberd to give it a unique and fancy look!

Server Changelog

  • Bugfix: You are no longer able to cast dirt in bulk storage bins that are inside a bulk container unit.
  • Bugfix: Fixed text errors when examining fortified coffee.
  • Bugfix: Fixed wrong description when examining fermenting whisky.
  • Bugfix: Fixed empyrean item creation related achievements.
  • Bugfix: Fixed error-prone behavior when sailing between servers near the corners of the map.
  • Bugfix: Founding a settlement now only checks for water on the actual tile the settlement token will be on, instead of checking tiles to the northwest of it, and the error message given has been updated to reflect this.
  • Bugfix: Duplicate sizes in missions and some other places have been fixed, such as “small small mauls” or “large large anvils”.
  • Change: Quality locks on bulk containers have been significantly improved:
    • You can now set minimum allowed quality in the container, the maximum, or both, by right-clicking the container, then clicking “Permissions” followed by “Set Quality Lock”.
    • The highest minimum quality you can set is now determined by the quality level of the lock, rounded up to the nearest whole number. Previously, the lock quality was rounded down.
    • Maximum quality allowed in the container is not restricted and can be any whole number up to (and including) 100.
    • Existing quality locked containers will keep their current minimum quality when being switched to this new system.
  • Change: Items can now be smelted at any temperature at or above “glowing hot” instead of an unlabeled temperature above that threshold, and a message is now sent to the event tab when you smelt an item. The option will also appear in the right-click menu regardless of temperature.
  • Change: Items now have two more temperature categories beyond “glowing” in order to make it more clear when items are at a very high temperature. Instead of simply “glowing”, items can now be “glowing dimly”, “glowing brightly”, or, when near maximum temperature, “glowing white-hot”.
  • New: Added the ability to quench hot items in liquid to cool them down.
  • New: A new item, the large pantry cupboard, has been added to make storing your food ingredients easier!
    • This functions similarly to the bulk container unit, but for food. It contains four pantry shelves, each of which is equivalent to a food storage bin.
    • It is built similarly to the bulk container unit as well, requiring 1 handful of large nails, 3 wooden beams, 6 planks, and 4 food storage bins.

Client Changelog

  • Bugfix: Being drunk will no longer break Item Tags
  • Change: Added confirmation window for when rare+ liquid is being split into a smaller containers.
  • Bug fix: Removed reference to non-premium account deletion in Steam store.

Better Event Messages and Player Feedback

To see a full list of message changes, check out the forum post here!



  • Many preset timers have been added to the “Custom Timers” panel in the client, which has now been renamed to “Timers”, and some other adjustments have been made:
    • These currently include: Progress of moving your bank, and how much time until you can: Change village, change kingdom, change religion, pray for Faith, pray/exorcise at a Holy Site, give a sermon, receive an Alignment change, meditate for skill, use a meditation path ability you have, and receive your next meditation question.
    • These timers will not be displayed if they are irrelevant to your character. For example, you will not see the “Sermon” timer if you are not a priest, will not see the “Faith” timer if you are at maximum Faith, and will not see timers for abilities you do not have.
    • These timers are controlled by the server and consider all possible factors affecting the next time you can perform the action. For example, the “Faith” timer takes daily limits, daily server Faith reset times, and resets from sermons into account.
    • To avoid clutter, some of these timers will not be displayed at all unless a cooldown period is actually active at some point during your play session. These include bank movement, changing village/deity/kingdom, and receiving Alignment changes.
    • These timers can be hovered over with the mouse to display a description. For timers with a maximum amount associated with them, like Faith gains per day, the amount you have left will also be shown.
    • To hide one of these timers, right click the timer, hover over its name, and click “Hide”. Even if hidden, the timer’s current time can be viewed by right clicking anywhere on the Timers panel and hovering over “Show hidden timers”. Clicking the name of the timer in this list will unhide it.
    • A sound will now play when any running timer finishes.
    • For clarity, finished timers will now display their text in a different font color, preset and custom timers have differently colored progress bars, and paused/stopped custom timers have their progress bars darkened.
    • Some minor display bugs have been fixed and minor changes made to formatting of time remaining.
  • Changed many warning, error, and other messages for the sake of clarity:
    • Messages received when approaching a server edge with no valid destination
    • Mining error/warning messages
    • Messages received when a mission expires or succeeds on a server that does not have Valrei enabled
    • Flattening/Leveling/Digging error messages
    • Dyeing/Painting error messages
    • Added a warning message when trying to use Strongwall to collapse a tile on top of a highway
    • Highway-related error mesages when using highway markers. Options are also shown in the right-click menu under more circumstances, so that a failure message can be shown.
    • Items that previously lacked a size description are now given a size of “medium” if they otherwise have the same name of a larger or smaller item with the same name. This affects mauls and maul heads, axes and axe heads, shields, and colourful carpets.
    • Unstrung bows now have the word “unstrung” in their names. This includes mission descriptions. For consistency, some messages and descriptions also now read “unstrung” instead of “unstringed”.
    • The medium-sized bow, previously simply called “bow”, is now called “reflex bow” for clarity.
    • Bee noise messages are no longer triggered by domestic bee hives inside settlements.
    • The “potion” item received from sacrificing items at an altar has been renamed to “greenish potion” and the description tweaked.
    • Meditating when you cannot gain skill now shows a warning message along with the time you will next be able to gain skill. This time is also displayed at the end of a meditation action that does have a chance to gain skill.
    • A special message will be shown when reaching maximum Faith (100 for priests, 30 for followers or non-Premium).
    • When gaining Faith from prayer or Holy Site exorcism actions, the time until you can next gain Faith by doing so is displayed in a message, along with how many prayers per day you have left.
    • A message is also given when preaching resets your prayers per day counter.
    • Messages about having high enough Characteristics to be able to attack other players or steal from them will no longer be shown on PVE servers.
    • Examining a quality-locked bulk container will now show the minimum quality of items that can be placed inside it.
  • Dyeing has been made more consistent as far as terms and tools go:
    • Some typos have been corrected when dyeing/painting items.
    • When the item (or secondary part, such as a sail) is made of a soft material like cotton or leather, the action is always called “dyeing” and lye is used to remove it, otherwise the action is always called “painting” and a metal brush is used to remove it.
    • Dragon armor no longer has a “remove colour” option that does nothing if you right-click it with a metal brush activated.
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Hotfix 5/10/2023

  • Fixed issue with crossing a server border on the west side sending you to the west side of the destination server instead of the east.
  • Added meditation skill requirements to the hover message for path question cooldown timer.
  • Fixed hidden timers showing back up after a relog
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