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Welcome to FireFlare General Store on Cadence, because I couldn't decide what I want to focus as I trade, I decided I will focus on them all!


Come and make your order at FireFlare General Store, where we offer decent prices and any random QL Vynora enchant free of charge


Carpentry/Fine Carpentry (70/55)


I offer any carpentry item up to 55ql including but not limited to:

Wagon 2s,
Large Carts 1.5s,
Small Carts 50c
Rope tool 50c,
Any wooden tool 50c,
Military tent 2s,
Explorer tent 1.5s,
Floor Loom 1s,
Creature Cage 1s
Chicken coop/Bulk Container Unit etc 1.5s


Cloth Tailoring (50)


Cloth Tailoring items up to 55ql including but not limited to:

Cloth armor 20c per piece or 1s for set
Sail 50c,
Bed 50c,
Meditation rug 50c,
Fine meditation rug 1s,
Beautiful meditation rug 1.5s,
Exquisite meditation rug 2s,
Bedroll 2.5s
Cloth Barding 1s
Satchel 10c


Smithing (55)


Any smithing item that does not require weapon/armour smithing up to 55ql:

Horseshoe set 2s
Iron tool 50c
Chain Barding 1s


Leatherworking (30)


Any leather item up to 40ql:

Leather armor 10c per piece or 50c for set
Bridle + Saddle Bags 50c,
Leather Barding 1s
Saddle 30c


Masonry (70)


Any item that requires masonry up to 70ql:

Bridge planning up to bridges requiring 71 masonry 50c,
Forge/Oven or anything equivalent, any style 1s


Farming Services (65)


I can also provide any amount of cotton or anything that requires farming in bulk, please contact me to work out details.


Bulk items


If you are in need of bulk items such as dirt, clay etc I follow to standard 2s per 1k and can provide them quickly, message me in game to work out details.


Any prices are subject to change, if you think item is too expensive (some I have guessed) , message me in game and maybe we can work something out.


Delivery via mail/wagon on Cadence any other server I can deliver too with a delivery charge of 50c to a shore, 1s to a mainland.


WIP, Post will be updated

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