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Inability to do actions like repair if some things are selected as 'active'

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-First off, if this has been addressed before, my apologies, but i have checked the Known Bugs thread, and have not found it.

-This is a non-game breaking, non-exploitable bug that merely is an inconvenience, so understand it may take awhile to address and solve, and i may update this post as I find more cases of it. given it is non-exploitable and doesn't make any gain or loss in materials, I will be trying to make this bug happen on purpose in order to try to find more cases of it, cases will be added to the list at the end as I find them.


   Okay, so. I was making wine, something unrelated to the bug. I went to repair my small bucket and couldn't, because it said the item I had selected 'small wine barrel' can only be used if it is on the ground.

   Kind of expected it to be able to be done, given I don't think anything is needed or should be used, to repair items. since if you log in fresh and have no active item, you can still repair freely.


   What I think is happening, is that the active item, while not being -needed- is still be 'used' to repair the item. Meaning this -should- apply to any action that requires no tools, while you have a active item that can't be 'used' in the inventory, unless it is a bug that is a lot more complicated.. So I am hoping for this to be true, since it is easier to fix.


I will update this post if I find different scenarios where I have found this issue happen, more so as a way to see if it's -any- pair of items that can be active but needing to be on ground to be used, with any item to repair, but currently it is: [Added typographical emphasis {Bold/Italics/etc} for readability]


If only 1, I have yet to either test more, and haven't found more scenarios.


-Active Item: Small Wine Barrel; Repair: Fruit Press; Unable.




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I had this happen earlier today when I had a tall book shelf in my inventory. I had it active and tried to repair a piece of my armor, and it would not let me until I deactivated the tall book shelf.

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Thank you for reporting this, I've added it to the list :)

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