Patch Notes 14-MAR-2023 and March’s Monthly Skin!

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March’s “Small Cherry Tree” skin turns your marble planters into adorable, tabletop cherry trees! Available through the month of March in the Marks Shop at any settlement token, this skin can be applied to any Marble Planter to give it a unique and fancy look!

Server Changelog

  • New: Added religious advisors and altars to all SFI starter towns on non PvP servers. These were already on NFI and have just been included on SFI now. Religious Advisors will convert you to a deity of your choice.
  • New: New title has been added for 100 skill in Blade Smithing. Congrats Nineol!
  • New: You can now paint Marble Planters.
  • Bugfix: Holy Site tweaks and fixes
    • Bugfix: Fixed “%THEIR%” displaying in holy site messages instead of the player’s pronouns when performing exorcism actions.
    • Bugfix: Added several missing spell effect descriptions related to holy sites.
    • Bugfix: Planning buildings at holy sites is now properly prevented.
    • You can now feast at the Sampo even if your hunger is low.
    • Reduced amount of holy site corruption and/or power loss from pulse events, especially when there are fewer participants.
    • Increased spawn rate of creatures from holy sites.
    • Actions that increase or decrease a holy site’s power or corruption at a holy site (purifying, desecrating, praying, preaching) will now affect the holy site even if you are beyond your maximum Faith gains per day. You still can’t gain Faith more times per day than normal, but you can now contribute to the holy site without daily limits. The 20-minute prayer cooldown timer still applies.
    • Praying, preaching, desecrating, or purifying a holy site will now have greater impact, especially at low skill levels.
    • Reduced chance and amount of holy site corruption from performing special actions, prayers, or sermons. Chance now scales with existing corruption, with special actions having no chance at all at 0 corruption.
    • Holy site items now show “Power:” and “Corruption:” instead of “Ql:” and “Dam:” when examining them.
    • Holy site visual effects are now visible to all players within an activated holy site, even those who worship a different deity or have low Faith.
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