Wurm Online and the Steam Deck

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First of all, Wurm Online plays AMAZINGLY on the steam deck. Most times it feels more natural than mouse and keyboard due to the odd contextual way wurm works.


Off topic setup guide in spoiler:



(Legacy server ((Xanadu etc)) setup, the new servers((melody etc)) you can just run from steam as is no problem.)

In the steam deck desktop mode:

  1. You have to download the Linux launcher file from the website and unpack it
  2. Open steam app, add non-steam game and select the launcher location

Then switch to game mode:

  1. Right click on the launcher in your steam library
  2. Force run it in proton compatibility
  3. You are ready to play


There is a beautiful community control layout already uploaded that works wonders.



WARNING: The steam deck hardware controls are entirely set up via macros and while macros as bindings are legal in wurm we all know there is a fine line.


On the deck using the triggers are pressure sensitive and these binds if not limited will send repeated clicking, so you have to limit the triggers to full press only. The trackpad custom contextual menus will also repeatedly click/press with no way I could find to limit them so I would avoid using those. Just be careful when setting your controls and be familiar with the rules, I found the process stressful and alarming.


I hope in the future Wurm embraces the shift in hardware and releases an official configuration to help avoid trouble with new steam blood looking for the very few mmos that play nicely on the deck. (or at least be lenient with warning when it is obvious people are not abusing mechanics) Because to be honest, we really could use any influx of new blood we can get and the deck is a great excuse if it was smoothed out just a bit and compatibility was advertised.

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I wouldn't worry too much, as the rules around macros are repeated actions on a loop or timer, as opposed to repeated clicking.


as long as you're playing, you're fine

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