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How about adding a new message board called a trade board? Players could then set buildings or stalls as trade structures which would allow personal merchants to post their items to the board. This would not be instant, requiring a 24h waiting period from when you place an item on the trader to it becoming available for purchase but removing items are instantly updated (helps with oopsies or selling the item yourself via trade channel and PM). Players could then see items that are listed on these merchants for trade on their server (server specific) and what deed the merchant is on. If the deed has a mailbox on it, the merchant can utilize the mailbox (and it's enchantment level) to send items allowing players to trade with the merchant remotely. Money for these trades is deducted from the bank immediately (plus postage after a confirmation pop-up) and the items are sent like normal but the funds from the purchase go to the merchant as though a player were trading with the merchant directly (minus postage of course plus the merchant's cut).


I think this would make merchants much more useful, especially for those who are much farther away from major population centers without completely changing the way trading works in Wurm.

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