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Treasure Map Assistance (Xanadu G-H13)

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Hi , kindly assist with following map:




I thought about 2678 2444 or similar but cannot find it.

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14 hours ago, Hailiah said:

I agree

Xanadu (

2668,2443 roughly

Thanks for your help. Sadly, I could not find it yet, even though I searched a nearly 300 tiles area around the likely position.

Also, I did not yet find confirmation for the abandoned deed. On the eastern side of the highway, a lot of deeds have been founded and are gone:

Humbleton, Sactuary Waystation the prolly most recent, earlier Loksin, Vrock Valley, Trollheim, Blazing Saddles ..

In my logs, I found evidence that Lindenwood Hall still existed Nov 3, 2018, and was located between the tar patch and the peat field on the highway, so matches the location.

Continuing search, but I suspect that the map is bugged.


Edit: Got it, but not without help. Coords were 2689, 2457 . The spoils were not bad though.

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To add, the treasure chest actually was at 2689, 2457 or 2458, here:





The loot was good,  it was a ql 82 map, after all:




So I am not complaining at all. But  the devs should reconsider such a choice of location, compared with what is shown on the treasure map. I had already  searched over 200 tiles west of the former settlement Lindenwood Hall, and at that pace, it would have taken me at least 3 more days, unless I would (prolly)  have given up completely, maybe burnt or sacced the map.


Given that the treasure map X covers a 6x6 area already, if there  is  insecurity about the center, this is certainly enough to search. That the chest  location is so radically outside, makes treasure hunts ways more  frustration than fun. 






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