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[NFI][Defiance] Mol-Rehan's Minas Ithil Recruitment!

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Minas Ithil is now recruiting vets and new players!

Thinking about trying something new? Want to learn to PvP? Or do you just want to help a kingdom in the shadows with just the PvE side of things? Come join us in Mol-Rehan on Defiance! We're always looking for people to help in our endeavors!


What 3 basic things I can offer:

  • Vast overall game knowledge and PvP knowledge that will give you the upper hand over our enemies.
  • Tools, Weapons, Armor, Enchants to get you started!
  • A great community and alliance that is willing to help


PvP isn't for everyone right? But once you get the adrenaline going from your first PvP experience, you'll never want to go back to freedom again!


Recruitment Status: OPEN

Message me on here or on discord if you're interested in joining us today. 

My discord User: Breakfast_Burger#5871

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always looking for people to come and join! join MR today!

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Bump! Always looking for players to come and join! Give MR a try!

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