Client Crash when taking Screenshots

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I remember we once had a bug with clients crashing while taking a screenshot using F11. The reason was: too many files in the screenshots folder!


I am pretty sure that very old bug has been fixed years ago, but it wouldn't hurt to check your screenshot folder. Does it contain a large number of files? 


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Posted (edited)

Thanks, good idea. I moved years old screenies. Let us see. I started an strace during the crash, btw. but found no hints that the OS complained. Must have been java.


Edit: ls | wc -l told about 1165 entries in directory. Might have been too much. Crash reason was a SIGSEGV, so seems that client heap was failing.

Edit2: With 379 files in directory (2021 to now) no crash so far. Appears to have been the cause or triggering condition (in an ideal world, the client should not crash, but refuse screenie or at least terminate with an error message pointing to the problem :) ).

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