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User Depreciation Post / Viremental Degrats

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@userDepreciation Post


TW: The King is bad and im gonna rek him


Sorry Ponyboy, you’ve been Golden too long.


Many if not all of you know and love me as the Earl Marshal of Kenn-Jellon, but, after much pathetic begging, I now serve as her Information Minister as well. In discharge of these duties I was presented with the following photograph by an anonymous Agent of the Cohort of Lemmings. This photograph was taken approximately 96 hours after Viremental stated he was “Going afk for a min”, whereupon he remained affixed in the position you see below for that period of time.


The photograph is annotated; with explanations for each annotation in the caption below.


I must warn you. The following will be extremely distressing and disturbing to even the grimiest hardcore gamer.


Proceed with caution:





1. This is just a really bad look. He said he had 10x glimmerswords to pass out, and so far this is the only one I’ve seen. People blow me up every day like it’s my problem. And then he waves it around at the altars like he’s about to decapitate one of the alts with it, just to make a point. Fo Almighty.


2. I mean… People… Come on. I didn’t look this MR when I was the Chief of MR. Sig tag on that thing is probably Rocklobst.r. Also, for a guy that hates Sparta, he sure does like dressing up like them. You won’t catch me at the gas station in an Auburn shirt bro.


3. Just disgusting tbh. He looks like Gonzo at the beach wearing sunglasses. Imagine your cousin got a giant awful face tattoo or something and you just had to stare at the ground while you talked to the guy. Sad really.


4. I blame myself for this one. If I see a recruit walking around town without a tabard on, I pull them into a private voice channel and lecture them about team unity and discipline. For me to just let this fool walk around like he’s going to a Goblin Camp on Celebration is a failure of my own character. I’ll get better.


5. Yea again it’s just not a good look for a PVP God with a history of impulsive and violent decision-making to stand around at the altars waving around a glowing golden lightsaber like a terrorist for four days without moving or saying anything.


6. It’s 1014 bro. Just sac it if you don’t need it. The altars are right there.



Anyhoo. Looks like the above evidence turned out to be too much for the Golden God.




Degrats buddy. It took me two years, but now I GET TO TELL YOU DEGRATS.



*straightens hat*




All Hail Her Royal Highness Cambriaa the Grand Princess of Kenn-Jellon!





Ok. For real tho. I had enough of that guy strutting around the mine in his red and gold suit like he owned the place. I hate guys like that.


This post has nothing to do with the fact that he and his wife just welcomed their first child into the world, and that mom and baby are happy and healthy at home, and that our boy became a man and turned into a dad overnight and we’re all enjoying watching it all unfold.


It’d be awful if you wished him well.


Tldr: Rinja had a baby tell him gratz and stuff



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Degratz Viremental


Congrats on becoming a dad though!

Also Cambro best Grand Princess ever!

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