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WTB WTT Rares for other Rares

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Hey guys!

Looking to make some trades!


EDIT: Also willing to just offer silver for things


Rare for Rare or Supreme for Supreme (Or rare)



- RARE Stone Brick Oven x2

- RARE Pottery Brick Oven x1

- RARE Stone Brick Forge x1

- RARE Slate Brick Forge x4

- RARE Slate Kiln x1

- RARE Oakenwood Spinning Wheel x1

- SUPREME Walnut Mallet x1



(Everything Either rare or Supreme if not specified)

- Large Planter(s)

- Unfinished Altar(s)

- Supreme Wagon/Cart

- WHITE Cloth armor pieces

- Planter Racks

- Amphora Racks

- Barrel Racks

- Statues of the gods (Might even take not rare if a full set)

- Cupboards

- Other Furniture like books helves, night stands, etc etc

- Empty Shelves



In Game @ Kookii

Here on the forums

Discord @ Kookii#0544



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