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I got this new world server going, still in progress at the moment. Its a very nice map (4k Tanglewood) that brash made some years ago and been doing some minor changes to it. So the server is located in New York, USA and the setup is slow process: 1x skill gain, 1x action, free deed, but the upkeep is enabled. I kept the population (mobs) down alittle and 30% aggressive, this will cut back down on the server usages. I doubt many will try it or even stick around, most will play for couple weeks then simply quit.


So the server is locked at the moment, if you have any questions, feel free to ask or pm me. Forgot to mention that the world has four soul fall stones and the new players will randomly drop there and wont be any starting village. This will allow players to do whatever they please, as long dont harass or threaten other players. And this is going to be vanilla with no mods, you can setup your own pace.


This the link the map made by brash, if you want to take a peek...

Tanglewood 4096 medium-large map for any public or private server - Maps & Challenges - Wurm Online Forum

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