(Sold, close please) Rare 5 Speed Horse (Unbelievably Fast Trait), with Spark

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Lovely  5 Speed Male with a Rare Unbelievably Fast trait and a certain spark ( you won't have to "care for" him for a very long time )


Always disliked, when your horse`s speed traits are not on, just when you really need to get away from something fast? Want to know, what it really feels like, to have your very own lightning-speed friend? Want to try your luck at breeding one yourself?

Coffeehoney can be your new amazing companion! (His name goes well with his color :))

(Pick up at Afterglow, O26 Pristine coast)


Starting bid: 20 s
Increment (minimum): 1 s
Reserve: No
Buyout: No
Sniper Protection: 30 minutes

Private Bids: Not accepted


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Congratulations and thank you, Oblivionnreaver :)  Please message me in the game (Soraya or Anestasia) or via forum message to let me know when you can pick him up.


Thank you Egard, Docterchese, tronn and LionIX for participating.

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