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[No Bug] Harmony Mob Spawning ???

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Harmony Mob Spawning ???  big thing of my game play i like riding out everyday for a few hrs to kill some mobs they or getting so rare to find its like there not res pawing at all.  Can someone pls have a look at the mob Spawning on Harmony this is like a bad joke.

i ride for hours and see 2 mobs to kill. if this is the way it supposed to be just turn up the % so they spawn back faster if so ..






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Double the mob spawn of Pristine at 4 x the size.

Cadence and Independence  has the same amount of mobs on average as Harmony.

The difference is only 1k Harmony has 49k aggressive animals and Cadence/Independence have 50k

I do agree that to me it feels like less mobs are spawning now then where before Halloween.
But The stats don't seem to back up my feelings.

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