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Village Upkeep Chip

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Also called settlement upkeep chip

They are found in treasure chests.  They come in denominations of: ??? up to 1s. 

Came out with exploration part 1 (date ???)


  • To use: activate the chip, right click a settlement token, select Settlement --> Deposit.  You can only deposit one chip at a time.
  • If a settlement currently has any upkeep chips in its coffers, their total will be listed in any windows where deed coffer totals are listed.
  • Upkeep chips provide the same value as normal coins when used for upkeep. In other words, a 20 copper upkeep chip will provide just as much village upkeep as an actual 20 copper coin.
  • Upkeep chips in a village's coffers are always spent before normal currency, for both upkeep itself and any other action that takes funds from the coffers, such as deed expansion.
  • (PVP only) Upkeep chips cannot be drained from the settlement, but they also do not protect against draining or disbanding from draining in any way. If a settlement's normal upkeep funds are fully drained but the village still has upkeep chips in its coffers, the settlement will still disband.
  • Upkeep chips are not refunded if the village is disbanded for any reason, and cannot be removed from the village coffers after being deposited.
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6 hours ago, Spacy said:

You can only deposit one chip at a time


This is very annoying, especially coming home after 3-4 days of treasure hunting and a satchel full of chips.  

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Thank you, that page has been added and is in progress. 

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