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(Sold- Can Close) Full Archaeology Statue Collection - All 18 Statues! Drake - Unicorn and much More!

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Up for bid is a full collection of all 18 Archaeology Statues

Decorate your deed this holiday season with this collection of archaeology statues. Impress your friends, give one away to loved ones, but be sure to bid today to get your full collection of Archaeology statues.


Statue of Drake

Statue of Eagle

Statue of Fo

Statue of Libila

Statue of Magranon

Statue of Vynora

Stature of Goblin

Statue of Guard

Statue of Hell Horse

Statue of Jackal's Revenge

Statue of Lava Fiend

Statue of Mountain Lion

Statue of Pumpkin Terror

Statue of Rift Beast

Statue of Tich

Statue of Worg

Statue of Unicorn

Statue of Kyklops


Official list of all archaeology statues








Starting bid: 1 s

Increment (minimum): 1 s

Reserve: No

Buyout: No

Private bids: No

Sniper Protection: One Hour






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sorry this is for NFI i thought it was SFI i appologize.

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7 hours ago, Gazmic said:

1 gold 15s


Gratz Gazmic! 

Whats your in game name, I'll message you later to make arrangements to get this collection to you!

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