Official Auctions Of 2022 (Auction 1, ends 15-NOV at 1200 CET)

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Hello, Wurmians! We have noticed lately that the spirits on Golden Valley seem a bit disturbed... they seem to be quite cramped up with all of the items taking up their server! To solve this issue and give them some breathing room, we're going to be doing some rounds of official auctions to rid Golden Valley of the many varied confiscations we've had to store there. There will be quite a few auction posts in the near future, so if you've been looking for a lovely holiday gift for your loved ones (or yourself!) or are interested in expanding your collections, you'll be sure to find many options!


The rules are simple: The items are available on ANY server. Defiance to Desertion, and anywhere in between. All items will have a 1 silver starting bid. Items may have signatures of (in)famous players, have slightly different QL or even have some damage! (The spirits have been quite angry lately). You may bid on as many items as you wish per post, but try to keep it civil. This thread is for BIDS ONLY. This is not for the discussion about the items or their origins.


Please do not edit to raise your bids after posting, keep the bidding fair for everyone.

Doing so may disqualify you from whichever item(s) you are bidding on. You may edit to remove your bids from the auction.


This first auction ends at 1200 CET on November 15th.





1. Rare Horse Statue 14QL


2. Rare Forge, Stone 87QL Forgenumber1


3. Rare Plate Gauntlet, Iron 34QL


4. Rare Plate Gauntlet, Iron 58QL


5. Rare Small Metal Shield, Iron 87QL


6. Supreme Knife, Iron 98QL 97W 97C


7. Rare Saw, Iron 98.9QL 95W 97C


8. Rare Large Anvil, Iron 95QL 95W


9. Caravel  67QL 51 Empty Large Crates


10. Rare Larder, Maplewood 50QL


11. Rare Plate Vambrace, Iron 86QL


12. Rare Plate Vambrace, Iron 86QL


13. Rare Oven, Stone 49QL


14. Statue of Eagle 34QL


15. Rare Ropetool, Oak 45QL 92C


Due to error in placing the timer, we will extend the auction by a day. Sorry for the confusion.


Update: With just over 2 hours left, I'd like to mention what happens after the time is up. As you notice, the thread will be locked automatically. DO NOT EDIT YOUR POST AFTER THAT TIME. After the auction, we will go through and contact the winners to arrange delivery of your items. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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