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WTA rare/supreme white drake hide set

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WTA this awesome white drake hide set.

It was made by @Fraskesawhich makes it even better!

Took an awful lot of time to rare all of it and they will ALL be imped to 95ql at least.


Some stats:

This set has gotten me from 1.0 leatherworking to:

[12:27:20] Leatherworking increased by 0.000069 to 98.849121





Starting bid: 3g20s

Increment (minimum): 2 s

Buyout: 6g 40s

Sniper Protection: 1 hour

Private Bids: No


Edited by Harryvederci
timer added + better picture to show WA
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Great price for a beautiful set. Would be a great set for a formidable fighter. 

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