On Being the Right Size

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An elephant simply cannot be mistaken for a large mouse. As the size of an animal changes, so too do the circumstances it is under. An Ant has no veins - it can simply diffuse oxygen through its cells. A bigger creature cannot do this - diffusion cannot get enough oxygen to so many cells, so lungs to bring in that oxygen and veins to carry it become required. Bones too must vary: if a creature were to be ten times as big as us, it would typically also be ten times as wide, ten times as thick. This makes the weight a thousand times more! Given our own bones break under a force ten times out weight, a massive increase in bone thickness would be required for any cross-section of the bone to sustain this mass! To accomplish this, a creature may have shorter, thicker legs - so each pound of mass has about the same area of bone to support it like a rhino, or it can compress its body and stretch its legs like a giraffe.


Enter, the Forest Giant



It has done neither of these adaptions to its mammoth size. It hasn't even gone on all fours, so that the weight might be distributed among more bones. That this creature does not break its legs as it walks is some sorcery, for it cannot be explained within physics nor biology.


And for this sorcery, it must die.


According to some site I checked, daylight savings has ended everywhere - still, be early!

Location: Bruce's Flying Circus, N13 (it's on the highway map)

/Servertime: Sun Nov 13 21:00:00 CET 2022

Discord time code: <t:1668369600:F>



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There's an even bigger one on Celebration, its twisted shape makes even less sense


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