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Branded Trolls don't have Halloween visual effect

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On maximum graphics it was a little harder to see but on my alt with low graphics it's really obvious!


Here is an unbranded troll with the Halloween glow effect:





Here is a branded troll ("Freedom Isles") with no glow effect:





Here's both of them together:





Sorry if this is old news, I forgot to post these a few days ago.

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Here's another interesting one I just found out. Not sure if this is intended, but...


I tamed a Champion Wildcat. The cat had a Halloween Witch hat effect both when it was wild and when I tamed it. 


Then I went offline. The tamed Wildcat went offline with me too.


I logged back in. I noticed the Wildcat had "Freedom Isles" on hover. (Similar to the branded trolls, but I did NOT brand him.) He also did NOT have the Witch hat effect anymore. 


Untamed. Witch hat came back.


Tamed again. Back to "normal" (no "Freedom Isles" tag, and still wearing Witch hat).



Here is how he looked when I logged back in and he came back online into the world. Notice the Freedom Isles tag and missing hat!



I untamed him and he gained his hat and lost his Freedom Isles tag.



Then I tamed him again without going offline and all is well... for now.



Not sure if offline tamed pets are supposed to gain the "Freedom Isles" tag, plus the fact that Halloween effects don't seem to show up on hostiles that have the "Freedom Isles" tag.

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The freedom isle tag generally keeps templars from attacking the aggressive creature, which is why I believe that both taming and branding cause creatures to have that tag.   The halloween graphics thing sadly extends to any creature that is branded/tamed; my champ dog is just  a normal champ dog because she's branded, same with my champ stag and fierce deer, yet when the fierce deer had her baby it's a tentacle pumpkin.  This has happened at least the last two years or so, probably longer but my memory isn't that long.



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