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Gumbo and all that jazz

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Today I come before you to confirm the rumors you have been hearing about Gumbo.  Yes, it is true.  I can confirm that Gumbo is permanently banned.  At least that part of the rumors he has been spreading about himself is true.


Gumbo had been among us for many many years and had made many friends across those productive years.  Unfortunately, Gumbo came to believe that our rules and directives did not apply to him and refused to adhere to GM given directives.  Worse yet, he had become increasingly and unforgivably abusive towards our members and our staff here at Wurm Online.


Regardless of what stories he may tell you, take them with a grain of salt, because we absolutely will not tolerate the abuse of our staff of volunteers and developers who work tirelessly to keep our community a wholesome place to enjoy.


We wish Gumbo well in his future endeavors.


Thank you,

Enki (Head Game Master)


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