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Short introduction

IGN: Ayelle

Server: Candance

IG City: Ironwood

Playtime: GMT+2 (17.00 - 23.00)



Cloth Tailoring 100 ofc! :) 

Progress: [17:38:59] Cloth tailoring increased by 0,0019 to 75,0195


LFW part

Look we all know that cloth tailoring is nothing intresting in terms of items. But we also know that everyone is looking for some rare, suprime, fanstastic parts right?

Well, if this is the case or you need other tailoring needs, hit me up! Either here, or IG, or follow the google docs linked below! This can be anything from a "fishing request for a specific rare" to an order for meditation rugs.


Price list

[WIP - making alot of PC's around to form a "list"]








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