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HLL Wagon Raspberrywood

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Grab this limited edition Raspberrywood HLL (Heroic Libila Legion) wagon while you can.

This PMK was around for a short time and made few wagons and even fewer were made with archeological wood.

This wagon was intentionally left at creation quality so that you can add the rune of your choice and attempt to imp it to rare yourself.

This wagon is located on the North coast of Xanadu and ready for pickup by the successful winning bidder.



Starting Bid: 50s

Min Increase: 1s

Reserve: None
Sniper Protection: 1Hr

Private Bids: None Accepted

Buyout: Possibly if its an offer I can't refuse PM Konlin if that's the case



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Hulk , you are the winner, please attempt to contact Konlin ingame to arrange for pickup of your wagon. I have been missing you . thank you.

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