Origami to deal with paper pollution

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Recipes everywhere! Now we don't need to read the recipes, many of these keep lying around as pollution.  Could we pick them up and fold pretty things which can be dyed or added to a string and perhaps hung up on a wall as a decoration? Or paper mobiles that can swing in the wind? Or glue them together to make a paper lantern to hang from a ceiling with a candle inside?  Or we can make a thousand and let them gloat up and disappear at impalongs or at Christmas time or when we celebrate or remember something. Or fold little paperboats to put in harbours or they can float in a pottery bowls with water in it?


At least people will pick up and use the recipes lying all over.


Alternatively, could a scrunched recipe serve as a kindling?


TL:DR Recipes cause pollution.  Let us use or recycle them for something.
























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