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28 minutes ago, Willslaphansien said:

It said 59 min ago when I posted, if not I wouldnt 😊

ah :D it said Just now and 1 Hour ago on my screen so wasn't sure. Regardless 22s 





16 minutes ago, Smilingcat said:

well then... look at this and tell me who won... I mean to not favor anyone but the meaning of sniper protection is, that the last bid resets the protection timer. If anyone follows a different meaning, show me where you take your definition from. If i am ever to bid and the terms are not understood by every party, it somehow spoils the fun.

There also had been a lenghty discussion about the term on this thread which i just dug up:




In regard to this, I do not know why your computer is only showing a 26-minute time difference in the posts. My initial post was at 3:28pm and RGR's was at 4:28. Which was why there was some confusion. Which showed for me as an hour past. Thus, why I said something. But anyway, back on topic. 


Also, I had no idea you could hover over a post to see the time it was posted! Ty for that info!! Learn something new every day.


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