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Welcome to Zredna Taloring

We are Locaded on Cadance Q24 (For pick up)

Our time is GMT +2

Pm Me In Game Anderz Or Order Here.


We can offer Tapestry 45c Each QL25

Carpet Red 30c Eatch

Carpet blue N/A

carpet yellow N/A

Meditation rug 25c Ql 25

Flag 40c

Banner 20c

kingdom banner 20c

Tall kingdome Banner Comming N/A

Sheets 40c

Bedroll 1s QL25

Cloth Armor N/A

Hats 20c 20Ql

Peasant wool cap 20c

common wool hat 20c

squire wool cap 20c

foresters wool hat 20c


Tents Ql25

Explorer Tent 1s

military Tent 1,4s



Square small sail 30c

square big sails 30c

triangular sails 30c




Adventure hat Ql25 15c

Rug Wolf,bear,lion 15c

Saddle 25c

Leather Armor N/A


special stuff


We Mail Our Stuff From Our Awsome Box (Mail fee will come)

[19:20:44] Courier has been cast on it, so it is possessed by some messenger spirits. [86]


If we need to Delivery Its Between The Buyer And The Seller But It Will Come A Fee 

Free delivery to shore/harbour for order 4s and up.

We only delivery to Pve servers


Vist Our store at Sonata if you are neer or only whant to see.


If you wonder anything, dont be shy to ask, happy wurming everyone


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