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Brown bear traitor and slay champ brown bear mission participation bug.

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Currently ongoing mission on Melody - 84% at time of writing.

Blundered into the traitor whilst searching for a champ brown bear to kill, and the traitor also had the champ trait.

Got credit for completing the traitor mission, but also bugged open the 'slay 23 champion brown bears' mission at 1% on the HUD.

2022-08-15 [22:07:49] The aged champion Brown bear (traitor) is dead. R.I.P.


2022-08-18 [21:19:44] You target a mature champion brown bear. [21:20:12] A mature champion brown bear is dead. R.I.P.

Finally found a champ brown bear for participation, but I was in a boat and it aggroed another player and was attacked by a third, but according to combat logs I got the kill shot.

My mission participation is still at 1% on the HUD.

Edited: 21st August

[05:01:50] Fos followers now have the attention of the forest spirits. Credited 27 mins SB for participation, and for some reason, 195 karma. So it's mostly a HUD bug.



Edited by Drayka
Updated upon mission completion.

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