WTA 4 Speed Rare Ebony *Immortal* Speed Horse (SOLD)

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Starting NOW. Ending Wednesday, Aug 17 at 2:00 pm EST   

 ~ BOGO Buy one get one free.~


 Rare Black Ebony 4-Speed mare with an additional 2.5% passive speed bonus.

***Winner can choose one FREE horse or hell horse companion from my top quality lvl 90-95 combat/draft/speed sale pens that will come included with this rare horse***



Starting bid: 1s

Increment (minimum): 1 s

Buyout: No

Reserve: No

Sniper Protection: 30 minutes

Private Bids: not accepted




Haven Hill on freeway and SE coast, Harmony Q22. lvl 95 Animal Husbandry.
I breed many extra-fine quality lvl 90+ animals: Horses (Pure Speed, Pure Combat, Pure Drafts, most rare colors), Hell Horses (Draft).

Black sheep are pure output production bred with full 5 production traits and around 9 total traits.


Feel free to contact me in game and let me know what you are looking for. I am on a lot most weekdays. All animals are cleanly bred and most have 8+ traits total and 4-5 minimum pure traits with minimum lvl 85-95  -  speed/draft/combat/production etc. I also specialize in rare pure-combat bred horses.

You can pick up by boat, I can deliver free towards South and Central Harmony, or meet you part way on mount. Long distance coastal delivery fee and other servers coast  based on time sink/distance = 1 silver + or - 

View My Full Horse Merchant Ad HERE with Detailed Information on My Animals: 

Contact Lebonbon in game with your IGN via pm if you are the winner.

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Sabrinawaveshadow bids 3s..  ( my image didn't load my name so i am making sure i cover the basis need)


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5 hours ago, HeddWyn said:



Cya soon :)

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