Delrago's Journal : A Wurm Adventure

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Day 1 : The Arrival 


 I ran as fast as I could.. east. It was the direction my brother told me to go. He said there used to be a camp there with a tavern and training facilities. And so maybe it was at one time.. This place is deserted.. There are a few kingdom guards left, old and  worn out. Most hide in there towers because its over run with trolls.. Two lost there life helping me to the so called tavern. Keeping their oath to the kingdom to protect all who fight for its glory. We are far from glory now I am afraid.  Now I sit writing this thinking why did I come here anyway , but I know I must keep my oath as well. If I do not, then I am wasting their sacrifice and all those who came before. And who knows, the future King or Queen could walk though those doors any day. I will remain, train , and light these musty old forges a-new. /Delrago pushes the journal away and takes in the room upstairs of the run down tavern. / "Lots of cleaning to do", he mumbles to himself ,"I better get started" 


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   /Delrago woke to the sound of troll noises and a Tower Guard shouting/ (Venerable greenish troll kicks Jenn-Kellon tower guard extremely hard in the right thigh and harms it) 


/He looks outside to see a full on battle between three tower guards and one 12ft troll. Gathering his things he runs out to help in the fight!  


(Aged greenish troll mauls you extremely hard in the right underarm and damages it.)  


After some time, the beast is down. Delrago and two guards remain.  ( You bury the corpse of aged jenn-kellon tower guard.)/


Day 2 :   Today was a loss again. The Trolls are too  strong and too many.. We lost another Tower Guard. At least we ended the beast that took his life. Another Troll kept me cornered all day in the workshop area.. Which would have been fine if I had more Iron..

Whoever was here before left a few lumps, but nothing of a stock. A guard came by and taunted him away so I could move to the other building.   I was able to piece together some rivets for my boots and made them studded, but I will need much more for my leather chest piece and legs.. Also the work I need to do on this sword.. Yes, I will need to look for the mine soon.  Perhaps if I can work together with the tower guards, after a few replacements come, I can make it to the Mine and get more Ore..  I did spy an area that should be the mine on my first day here. But I was too out of breath and disoriented to look closer. 

This room still has a stench of death and mold, and there is death all around me.. I am not sure how long I can survive at this makeshift training camp. But I am going to have to try.  There is actually some left over supplies I have found, dry foods, seeds.. Old rusty tools, and actually some better than the ones I brought with me.  So the next few days, scavenge what I can to survive with, discover the Mine, and get the patch of farmland within the gates planted with something. Now.. hopefully a quite nights rest.. 


/Delrago closes the journal and places it under a poorly wrapped bunch of cotton in linen that makes a pillow on the rickety bed. Starts to unfasten his armor.. but decides to leave it on just in case.

Training sword at his side, and a beat up shield by the door.  He lays back staring at the roof that is falling apart/   









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