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Inspiration bonus on discovering new recipes

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Leveling (hot food) cooking skill is currently very click-drag-intensive and very dull, requiring you to make the same dish over and over.

This suggestion is about adding an additional way to gain skill that trades simple, dull work for complicated, interesting gameplay.


With this change, when you discover a new cooking recipe, you get a guaranteed skill tick which is a lot bigger than normal (how big would be up to the devs, but I'm thinking it should be considerable).

The idea is that if you'd rather gather lots of different ingredients and experiment with cooking to find different recipes you should be rewarded for it and at the same time lessening the pain-staking cooking grind (saving everyone's fingers).

If the food you discover gives baking, beverages skill etc. then the bonus would be towards that skill, of course.

Since you can only discover each recipe once I feel like this should not make leveling cooking skills too easy.

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