Remove the extra stamina drain from using tools with damage

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It seems that a nerf has been added to using tools that have damage on them causing increase stamina drain. I reported this as a bug in the following thread but it has been confirmed to be intended (See the thread for a video that shows the effect)

[NO BUG] Stamina drains faster when my pickaxe has 1 damage on it - Server Bugs - Wurm Online Forum


I propose to remove this effect. Since tools with damage already function at a lower effective quality there is already incentive to keep your tools repaired relatively often. It seems excessive to me that once the tool has a slight amount of damage, it also causes excess stamina drain in addition to functioning at a lower ql. This effect is observed even when the damage on the tool is 0.1 and it becomes extremely excessive when the tool has about 1 damage on it.


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Posted (edited)

Based on some further testing, it seems this might not have been a nerf.


It turns out that below a certain pickaxe ql level, you lose more stamina. In my original tests, the damage only lowered the effective quality of the pickaxe below that level. With this new info, I retract my suggestion. I think its fine that there is a ql level above which you get better stamina loss.

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