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WTA Frigging immortal frigging PONEH

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Because I've apparently had a glut of rare floofs and I'm posting this close to midnight, I'm going to shamelessly plagerise a previous post of mine to sell this unique, one of a kind, frigging immortal frigging poneh! New information is highlighted in bold.


Come one, come all, and see this frigging immortal frigging poneh! A close relative of the frigging immortal frigging donkey, only bigger. And spotty. NOT SPOTTY, GREY FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE. Four (4) legs as standard, one on each corner. North and south ends come complete with head and tail in the usual positions. Food goes in the head (north) end. The frigging immortal frigging poneh is guaranteed (not a guarantee) to perform all functions of non frigging immortal frigging ponehs, but for longer. Current height is approximately 2 dirts tall, this will increase at the usual rate with good care and standard treatment. Standard treatment covers all good practice which includes, but is not limited to, food, grooming, frolicking space and WUV. Non-standard treament will void the guarantee of your frigging immortal frigging poneh.


This model of frigging immortal frigging poneh comes with:


  • One (1) name - Queenrhyme AJAXFLASH
  • Seven (7) spots ZERO (0) SPOTS
  • Four (4) legs with attached feets LAST TIME I CHECKED
  • One (1) tail
  • Two (2) ears
  • One (1) snoot
  • Seven (7) traits: [23:27:26] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has lightning movement. It seems accustomed to water. It has a certain spark in its eyes. It seems immortal. It has a slow metabolism. It has been bred in captivity.




Please buy quickly so I can erase the evidence that I reuse my own posts.


Starting bid - 2s

Minimum increment - 1s

Private bids accepted

Sniper protection - 1 hour




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