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Chat Tab Changes

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Greetings my fine Wurmians,


As many of you may have noticed, we've made some changes to our chat tabs in game. Our foreign-language chats have expanded to include a Spanish channel, and you'll also notice that these now say Russian_GL, Spanish_GL, German_GL, and Non-English_GL. This change has been made after assessing how the channels are used, and how we'd like them to continue to grow. These are still your go to channels for seeking any help you may need, to augment the CA_Help channel, but this more accurately reflects what each channel may be used for, including general chat. These channels are still moderated, and all moderation discussions/actions are in English, as per game rules. 

To that end, we will be seeking to continue to fill our Community Assistant ranks of all languages! I have opened the application cycle, please see this thread: 


If you are interested, please review the information in that link, and send me a forum PM with your application or any questions you may have. For those who show the proper drive and team ethics, advancement to Chat Moderator may be in your future!


Happy Wurming,


Lead Chat Moderator


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