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[Shop] not offering first time premium bundle

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When NFI was new First Time Premium bundle was introduced.

11.99 for 2 months + 5 silvers




I purchased that bundle on a couple newly made characters on Harmony.

I semi-recently made new characters both on Pristine and Cadence. The "First Time Bundle" is not available for them in the regular Wurm Shop.

I then made a 3rd using steam and steam still has the "First Time Premium" bundle.

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I made a 4th newb on a new, never before used gmail email. Not using  gmails

I still can't see the never had premium bundles on Wurm Shop, that I can see when using the steam client.

I've used chrome, edge and firefox as browsers.

I also tried it on a brand new computer that has never had Wurm played on it. (Not my computer, hubbies.)

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I have the same issue Ohana, and feel it is a known issue but no idea if it is planned to return the offer to the shop page. I have several 'care for' alts I'd like to prem just so I don't have to keep worrying they will get deleted if I don't remember to log them in from time to time so that offer would help a lot. It has been some months since it has been  missing.


I thought about merging this with an earlier thread but the two issues posted about are slightly different  in content:


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