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Azuthas Currently Recruiting

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Hello everyone, Azuthas is seeking new members to help with it’s construction and to call home whether you happen to be new or a veteran. The deed is very fresh and has a lot of opportunity!

Located right on the water with clay just a small walk away and a mine to expand on that has a Smithery being built as the first structure.


This is your home too so you'll be allowed to create your home where and how you see fit with the ability to keep other citizens out for your own privacy, to able to use any item or animal that you'd like.

20x30 Deed Size (Can expand as needed)

Guard Tower on Deed


Located west of Linton on the coast (Roughly L8)

IG name: Acoustic

Server: Southern Freedom Isles, Xanadu

I can pick you up from any of the SFI servers as I do have a ship :) 

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