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Dalethegood is working tirelessly to make treasure hunts less painful for all Xanadudes and Xanadudettes.


Seriously, look at all the work he or she has been putting into adding guard towers to the community map the last few weeks.



One man (or woman) singlehandedly changing the game for every player.


I've only done four hunts, but in two of them I was greatly aided by Dale's map.


Send that dude a gift! Something nice from your collection or something nice you made.



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I appreciate the kind thoughts Ajala :) but really I have enough stuff, lol, well, i need mortar, but that's not really in the spirit of this post, LOL. Anyway, I do appreciate it, but uh, really not necessary. I won't say it's my pleasure inputting all that into the spreadsheet, but it does give me something to do while having coffee in the morning :) Thanks

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