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"Why Old MMO's Feel Better"

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This guys opinion on MMO's. Wurm is shown around the 8 minute mark.






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Rather have modern.... old sucks


Get a quest... get a marked zone or few where you can find what you need, have enemies marked while they are part of a quest, have your npc for the quest marked or have auto-path to it.. black desert have this pretty well.


I recall retarded npc hunt for a ######### npc in mid of the map in the outer ring of archesaur town in perfect world, that's a quest from pff.. 10+... years ago...

That's not a good memory.. wasting time and running around.. pointing over npcs because you know from wiki or people the npc walks all around the town, yet what's the path.. mid of the road or it involves scripted "talk" with other npcs..

Sure.. this quest was easy to beat by asking the other players in chat if they currently see this npcs walking somewhere in the town, some get lucky, other don't...


Does it feel good to get 90ML(?) sure.. do you like grinding for this skill.. no, it's just the sprint to the goal and then you enjoy the results with some goals, nobody feels great remembering panfilling.

Plenty of the rough things are just done to not deal with them again, that's probably not the same for all.


Do 100 rifts? Sure.. did rifts with same people more or less for while and communicated with some helping, other misleading about locations, etc, was it fun? No. Is it good that it's done, yea.


Complexity should be situational and voluntary path to take. Or you end up with content like in old games.. some farm herbs or w/e all day.. and buy gear piece same day with the earned currency.. or it just takes longer if the drop is some rare long dungeon's legendary..


I've skipped some of the biggest mmos(most popular) but tried good amount of others, seen a good amount of mechanic styles, and eventually learned that for me games are mostly .. learning mechanics, experiencing part of the content, seeing 70-90% of the content or understanding it, other 10 to 30% in some games requires daily logins, grinding for hours, good amount of "luck", skill, gear, time, .... and for what - a few pixels as new armor or skinned new amazing flame-ay weapon with some bonus effects and damage..

Cool, but.. is that worth the time, effort, etc, meanwhile you can do 90 to 100% of the content with just the "starter" or next 1-2 upgrades for the top level you have reached.



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