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Hard Map Treasure Hunt

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Step 1 is not recorded because i am a derp and did not check what monitor shadowplay was recording. Was a really hard clue but got lucky Siegfried told me exactly where should go. It was just N of the Mario thingy in the NW desert.


Step 2 these clues have to be read well it said within 1 tile of G16 near Eckerbrisk and ran around that for a while untill got lucky again and Obliv told me that tower is actually up at Restless. So when you get these types of clues remember the tower is inside one adiacent tile of the one in the clue (could be different based on the difficulty of the treasure map would have to revisit this once i get lower diff ones)


Step 3 was fairly easy but requires the use of the map dump. Hoping they will find a way to incorporate them into the game.


Step 4 was a really lucky roll as it was just the SE island that was a landmass withing the circle.


Step 5 was same deal like 2 but this time i knew it should be one adiacent tile and it was so. The tower was a map tile north of M22.


Step 6 made me scratch my head but luckily Steelmerc came in clutch and figured out where it is in like 10 seconds:)


I enjoyed the treasure hunt. The mobs are not that dangerous but not afk-able either. I also liked the fact that it brings life into the local Freedom chat and i would not have been able to complete it by myself for a long while. The rewards are a bit poop for a map with spawns at every step so would like to see that tweaked a bit.

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Nice! Hope to get into the treasure huts soon too.

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