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New Client Issues Thread

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This happens once every few hundred launches for me



Next to that can we please have night time again and fog I haven't had them since switching over to the modern renderer.
To add to this cave's are not dark either and will show me when it is day time by shining bright beams through walls

Example of "night time"
[14:09:39] It is 03:48:29 on day of the Ant in week 4 of the Bear's starfall in the year of 1111.



Example of caves with no lights on

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So I was using the Old UI till the last minute it was killed, literally as I just absolutely dislike the new one. Obviously had no choice but to use it now.. Anyways, couple things that really bloody bothers me are the following:


1. Can we make so that the fight window would be size-toggleable like the old one was? It is just way TOO big taking a good chunk of the screen. Also, can the target logo square be also toggleable left or right so it can fit the corner space more efficiently?  It really does my head in the way it is now...




2. Skill tracker.. Again, longer skill names do not fit disrupting whole set up and the area size is too big and not size-toggleable. Old UI never had this problem as the skill name font size was automatically adjusted so the writings were always perfectly inline within the progress bar making it a nice, compact perfectly rectangular, not oversized tab to position anywhere. 




I literally find them two things so annoying to look at constantly to a point it gives me headaches and I don't even want to play


Edit: I know I can scale down the UI, but that scales down everything not just the parts needed, also scaling down text to fit in the skill tracker makes the chats/events unreadable..

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i put here, make new bug if u will .but have i verified files more times in the last week that in 20 years on steam?

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